Sigma Connectivity offers a wide range of services, from brand transformation to product realization and engineering expertise. 

We are at the forefront of innovation, helping clients achieve their goals.

Important Offer Dates for the IoT Kickstarter Offer:

  • Secure your project by 7/1/24.

  • Planning Workshop complete Prior to 12/1/24.

  • IoT Solution built on Sigma Connectivity/Qualcomm QCM/QCS6490 reference design including product planning workshop, reference design materials and prototype licensing.


Secure this $1M worth of savings offer by meeting with us ASAP and getting your project locked in before 12/1/24. 

Industries Served:

  • We focus on creating value and driving growth by leveraging connected devices and solutions in various industries:
    • Consumer Products
    • Smart Homes, Buildings & Cities
    • Automotive
    • Industry 4.0 & Manufacturing
    • MedTech
    • Cleantech
    • Service IoT
    • Industrial & Retail Handhelds
    • Space Tech/Aerospace

Business Transformation:

  • Sigma Connectivity specializes in brand transformation. We identify, create, and implement solutions aligned with specific needs and brand promises.
  • Having all necessary resources under one roof, ensures impactful product launches for our clients.


  1. Product Realization:

    • As a product realization company, Sigma Connectivity provides end-to-end support for clients during the entire product development journey. Whether it’s idea generationprototypingtesting, or product launch, we collaborate closely with our customers to bring innovative solutions to life.  Our expertise spans various industries, ensuring that each project receives comprehensive attention from concept to execution.
  2. Engineering Services:

    • With 700 engineers worldwide, Sigma Connectivity collaborates with leading tech companies to develop solutions and products for the future.
  3. State-of-the-Art Labs:

    • We have one of the worlds most advanced design, test, and verification labs.
    • This enables us to bring smart, connected products to market efficiently, from idea to finished prototype.